Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rishi Tea: Sweet Matcha!

Hooray! Im super excited to do this review because it was SO MUCH FUN!!! The generously sweet folks over at Rishi sent me a big ole present today! No, Im not being paid to write this, I do not recieve money or any other compensation other than free product. And boy did I get some! :D

Today I'll be gushing about Rishi Tea's Sweet Matcha Green Tea. I'll be honest. When I first decided to do this tea review blog, I had pretty much zip for tea knowledge. I had no idea green tea came in powder form, and you can pretty much do ANYTHING with it - even make tea biscuits!! So I did some homework and found an awesome recipe from Yummly which is an recipe site I stumbled upon a while back, and tried this delicious stuff out.

Here is all of what I got, from which I will be doing one review of each product here every day until I go through it all - that's how much they sent!!

See that kraft tubish container? CHOCK FULL OF TEA!

I can't wait to bust into these.
Jasmine Pearl

Thai Lime Fruit Tea

Mangosteen Fruit Tea

Alrighty that's just a few pictures. So I said I like to bake, remember? OK Well I did just that. I made the most scrumptious sweet matcha green tea biscuits!!! I paired it with a vanilla shake that I added a tablespoon of the sweet matcha to.

On to my review!!!!!
Sweet Matcha is pure Japanese green tea harvested from shade-grown bushes, traditionally stone-ground into a fine powder, and combined with milled cane sugar.

Dry Visual
Gorgeous light green powder

Dry Aroma
Delectable sweet fragrance, like fresh tea leaves and sunshine.

In the tea cookies, it gave a slightly sweet kiss of green tea flavor with almost a caramel side. In the milkshake it blended perfectly with the vanilla, which turned it into a desserty, more heavy green tea flavor.

Light creamy green

Brewing Time
No brewing this time!

Rishi Tea

pretty sure...its tea.

Special Note

Not to brag but my cookies rawk, and so do my shakes. This is definitely a treat. Go get some.

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