Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Revolution Tea: Tropical Green Tea!

DISCLAIMER: This post is a review on a tea and tea company that have supplied me with free tea. I have not been paid or accepted anything other than free product. So don't be all blahblahblah. OK on to my review.

Wow. you guys aren't going to believe this. Today the UPS guy came
( and he was CUTE!) anyway, he had a package for me, and it was in a pretty good sized box. IF you're not familiar with the WONDERFUL tea company, Revolution Tea, you need to go sees them real quick like, because they are truly amazing. I giddily ran inside (mostly because I love love love packages and it was also like 90 degrees outside) and got a knife and sliced ever so gently as if performing surgery on my lovely box.

Here, I find a jungle of jumbo bubble wrap! :D I love bubble wrap. Especially jumbo. I also love the great care taken to protect my goodies! I moved it out of the way and WHOA. I was expecting a sample...all I did was ask them for a small sample of their most popular tea and I'd review it.They sent me two FULL SIZED 30 count boxes! HOORAY ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!! :D :D :D Talk about a tea lover's dream on a sunny boring afternoon.

 How thoughtful, how generous, HOW I MUST BREAK INTO THESE AT ONCE! I declared, as my mother stared at me like I was a lunatic. I opened the plastic off of the first box: The Best of the Best. I had to have a cup of whatever sweet smelling blend I was breathing in. I found out quickly that the most fragrant one was the Tropical Green Tea blend.

So here's my review.


The healthy properties of Dragonwell green tea, blended with pineapple flavor and citrus peel, offer a delicate, invigorating taste.
Young Hyson and Dragonwell Teas, Orange Peel, Peppermint Leaf, Jasmine Flowers, Lemon Verbena, Marigold Flowers and Pineapple Flavor

Dry Visual
This tea is absolutely stunning in it's clear individually packed infuser. You can see the beauty of the green tea leaves mingled with the orange peel, and some other flower petals and, its just simply beautiful.

Dry Aroma
As I had mentioned before, this has a unique, sweet fragrance to it. The peppermint and pineapple flow so nicely together along with the marigold and deep green tea scent.

The only way I can describe this tea, is it tastes like the end of a great summer. It reminds me of early september, when the last bits of summer fruit are ripe, the grass is cut for the very last time, the scent of rain hangs heavy in the air, and you're just trying to savor every single last bit of it. So full-bodied but not!
Smooth in texture, it has little to no bitterness or aftertaste. Once I run out of this, which is probably soon, I'll definitely put it in a shopping cart.

Golden Yellow-green, as depicted by my photo. 

Brewing Time
2-3 minutes

Revolution Tea Company


Special Note

Thank you, Revolution Tea.  This won't last very long in my country home.

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